Stream of consciousness

I’ve been having some fun setting up a new incarnation of Moodle for next academic year. I’ve found some interesting new modules such as:

  • BIM — Feed aggregation Management and Marking.  Mark (=grade) blog posts within moodle! 🙂
    This one’s from Australia and promises to change the way teachers can use blogs. More about this later.
  • ForumNG — Open University’s discussion Forum on steriods. This really ought to become that standard Moodle Forum type for version 2.0. It’s that good.
  • Enhanced File Module — single simple upload of multiple files and generate resources. Great for Course Assistants like Cheri Gaddis.
  • Time Management Module — aka ‘progress’. This is a simple block which shows a student’s progress on doing the stuff ina course. Wonderfully simple yet pedagogically powerful.

Much more details on my Millenium Moodle Issues tiddlywiki site.


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