Comments on ‘Public LMS evaluations’

Although I vowed that I would not mention the ‘moodle’ word in this blog, Mark Smither’s recent report ‘Public LMS evaluations‘ demands at least a knee jerk comment. Without doing anything more than skimming the text it seemed to me that in 100% (5/5) of the cases where Moodle was one of the LMS systems evaluated it got chosen. Interesting. I have not looked at any of the sites listed in the Comments to extend that analysis. I’d be interested to see  an  assessment of perceived differences between Moodle v Sakai although it seems rare that they get compared in a level field evaluation.

I’m just thankful that the Blackboard FUD team didn’t target Earlham’s president in the early years of this decade when we were looking at going with an LMS so that we were able to start out with Moodle and not get bogged down with subsequent migration.


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