Podcasting in WPMU

I came across a page about podcasting in the WP ‘codex’. I was looking for references to the ‘podpress‘ plugin which was a big deal for a time but all of the Resource links gave a ‘file not found’ error, and a glance at the changelog showed that it had not been updated since December 2007.

I also found a site called Blubrry PowerPress WordPress Podcast Plugin . Here’s some spiel from the site:

WordPress in its default install configuration does not support podcasting at a level that most people need. The PowerPress Podcast Plugin has all of the elements needed to have your podcast RSS feed in complete compliance to obtain an iTunes listing, is optimized for listings in podcast directories and the Zune Marketplace.

The PowerPress Podcast plugin also includes a player that you can configure to appear on your blog posts so guests can listen/view your podcast episodes straight from your website. It should be noted that nearly half of people listen to podcast online versus through their portable media player.

This looks very interesting but it remains to be seen whether it’s compatible with WP-MU (I could not find any reference to WP MU in the support fora).  Certainly there seems to be fairly advanced support for podcasting on WP but  the deal will be to see how this works on the MU side.


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