CommentPress WP plugin

Scholarly Publishing in the Age of the Internet

Commentpress is plugin for the WordPress blogging system:

CommentPress is an open source theme for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text. Annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with CommentPress you can do all of these things on a finer-grained level, turning a document into a conversation. It can be applied to a fixed document (paper/essay/book etc.) or to a running blog.”

Good examples are the Horizon Report and Kathleen Fitpatrick’s MediaCommons

This would be ace to implement in WP-MU.


2 thoughts on “CommentPress WP plugin

  1. This is wonderful news. Totally brilliant!
    I have just checked out the site and it’s even more wonderful than I first thought. The functionality is now implemented as a plugin which means that it should operate with most every theme. The community section of the site offers compelling pedagogical examples.

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