Comment to Steve O’Connor

I posted a comment today in Steve’s Openedweb blog on Elgg and BuddyPress compared part 1

Basically, it goes like this:

Well Steve,
Since you published this article it looks like you’ve gone the BuddyPress route. One thing intrigues me though. How have you (if at all) modified the default ‘visibility’ of blog postings? I cannot image a K-12 school system being content with web-wide read access to their pupil’s blog content. I’m taking another look at Elgg – BuddyPress/WP MU – Mahara. The big deal for me is that the WP blogging engine is mature, powerful and yet easy to use and for me, and I think other educational establishments, the focus needs to be on student’s creation of quality content with social networking as a lever and catalyst to that content rather than the froth that gets generated on sites like Facebook.

I’ll be interested in what he has to say. I’m more and more leaning to the BuddyPress route and I think that the deal will be how much customisation I can do without having to code hack — no dead bunnies or kittens please 🙂


One thought on “Comment to Steve O’Connor

  1. Steve’s reply is here —

    The blogs can be password protected with WordPressMu and BuddyPress using the More Privacy Plugin.

    I concur on the maturity of the WP platform and community, but Buddy Press has to juggle a lot of separate pieces to hold itself together. I see that bbPress has finally exited the alpha stage which is good.

    I agree with your final point wholeheartedly.


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